Plumbing, gasfitting and drainage services during COVID-19

Level 2.5 is Level 2 with some extra restrictions. It is not a new formal Alert Level. The idea is a way of highlighting that there are extra restrictions at Level 2 in Auckland.
We are an essential service, so we’ll continue to provide Aucklanders with plumbing, gasfitting and drainage services.

Our health and safety practices

Keeping our customers and staff safe remains our top priority, so we’ll be following the distancing guidelines and asking customers to try and stay in another part of the house if high risk or in self-isolation, while we carry out our work.  

We have stocked up on Personal Protective Equipment and have strict hygiene practices in place, especially when working with customers who may be at higher risk. If any of our team feel unwell, they will be asked to stay at home. Our regular team meetings help us keep up to date with Health & Safety guidelines and practices to prevent COVID-19 breakouts.

For more information

Visit or contact us if you have any questions.